Fun and games aside, the Orientation of NUST strives to give the Freshmen an all-encompassing experience which includes a realization of their duty as responsible citizens. For this reason, we have set aside a considerable amount of time for Social Responsibility Programs which can be utilized to promote standards of teamwork, humanity, compassion, and perseverance. Here at NUST, we try our best to incorporate healthy activities in our student body. 

Similarly, this year, after much consideration, we have chosen to hold a Drum Circle. In recent years, there has been a much-needed emphasis on the importance of mental health. This activity has been chosen keeping in mind the importance of the human mind to be as healthy as the rest of the body. We’ve greatly considered several researches which conclude that group drumming is a healthy way to dissociate anxiety and is psychologically beneficial in other aspects as well.

The other activity we’ve meticulously chosen is the Baithak Charity Breakfast. No society can function if the individuals residing within it don’t give back to the community. All the proceedings of this breakfast will be given to charity to help the less fortunate. We consider this an excellent way to inculcate the spirit of community work in the latest edition of students.