The NUST H-12 campus boasts of a wide range of facilities to accommodate every type of student in numerous departments, from economics and public administration to mechanical and chemical engineering. In the Orientation of Nust 2019, the freshmen will get the opportunity to visit each of these schools firsthand and witness the incredible work and facilities they each offer. Don’t miss out on the inter-school visits – a tradition from the very first Orientation of NUST!

School Interactive Activities (Jamming Session):

“That’s why people listen to music or look at paintings. To get in touch with that wholeness.”

Wholeness is art diluted over hearts and faces; the single hum of a buzzing vocal cord enjoins million upon million melodies to cocoon themselves into a clan of catatonic wonderment. Music is a marriage. Music is a polygamy of the masses putting in bits of their aura: the impromtu jamming session is an offspring to that marriage.

To cradle that child, NUST cajoles innumerable talent to rise up to that responsibility. A jamming session at NUST home-schools the likes of Abuzar and Yashal. At Orientation of NUST: 2019, we will arrange a jamming session to conceive, celebrate, and commemorate the growing talents of NUST.

Inter-school visits 2018